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"Times they are a changing"

As they say time and tide wait for no man - well this lady Dawn "me!" has decided it is time to retire after 27 years of living running and enjoying Edenwood House, I have decided the weary bones need a rest and I have a new career ahead of me. I am going to become a full-time Grandma - and I can't wait to begin. I have waited my whole life for this job and to facilitate it I have to move to CapeTown, and sadly say goodbye to George, the Garden Route, and Edenwood House.

My plan is to spend as much time as possible with these little guys Claire, Olivia, Ciaran, and Hannah

But never fear I am leaving all my regular guests and new guests in very good hands.

Edenwood will continue as before and from the sounds of it, strive for even greater things as the new owner takes Edenwood to new heights of accommodation and hospitality.


Meet the new owner of Edenwood, his name is Dallas and he is very excited to start this new chapter in his life and that of his beautiful little girl Ella - he has boundless energy and oodles of personality, so you will surely not want for information and advice of the area and surroundings.

Watch this space for new information on the future and changes to Edenwood, which has been an astounding career and amazing home. It has been such a pleasure to share it with so many wonderful people over the past 27 years.

Thank you most dearly all my previous guests (now friends) - I will miss you but leave you in safe hands.


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