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Mad Hatter's Tea Party

The one thing about running a Guest House is that life is certainly never dull!

This past weekend we were fortunate to host a wonderful group of friends who decided to throw a surprise "Bachelorette Party "for one of their closest friends and used our garden as a venue.

The day started with lots of young giggly girls arriving with furniture and props to set up the scene for the surprise - and we were also surprised by their ingenuity. It was a sunny Spring day and the perfect weather for a Mad Hatter's Tea Party.

Halo (our resident Maine Coon) aka The Cheshire Cat (and his sidekicks Loki and Oliver), presided over events, and signs pointing the guests to the hidden secret spot for the tea party started from the front door all the way to the foot of the garden. By late morning we had ladies in fabulous make-up and costumes arriving and the scene was set.

The "friend" Tanya - was really surprised and did not suspect anything, and the tea party was a huge success.

That evening the girls moved on to the comfort of our Wiltshire House, where they were staying for the night, and I think more than just tea was inbibed until late in the night/morning hours, but I am sure the Mad Hatter and Alice had a great time as well as the white rabbit and all the other guests!

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