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The last Rose of summer

The last Rose of Summer

On Sunday, there was just one lady guest from USA, so I had breakfast for one.

I decided it was a good time to get up early and enjoy the last remnants of summer as it was a crystal clear morning, so I cut the last single rose that was growing by the pool garden. Sort of last bloom and last days of summer!

You can see that autumn (fall), is upon us, and as the days grow shorter and the leaves are falling from the trees, one tends to feels it is the end of an era.

Being a spring person myself, I find the autumn a slightly sad season, but also a time to get organised, clear up the garden and catch up on maintenance in the house and generally get ready for the winter storms.

The winter garden has it's own natural beauty of the changing colors - and in South Africa of course the Spring is not so far away! Below is some lovely winter garden photos of Edenwood grounds and the Forest beyond, still a nice way to eat a relaxed breakfast and plan ahead for the day.

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